Leaf Expression Systems Launch SupraVec the Next Generation in Plant-Based Expression Technology


NORWICH, UK – 07 September 2021: Leaf Expression Systems (Leaf), a biotechnology company specialising in plant-based expression, today announced the launch of SupraVecTM, Leaf’s new proprietary vector-based expression technology for the rapid production of proteins, vaccines and complex biomolecules within the leaf tissue of plants.

SupraVecTM is a plant transient expression system designed with novel expression components to optimise yields. The expression technology delivers a three-fold improvement in the yield compared to Leaf’s previous pEAQ-HT system, also known as Hypertrans® (figure 1). The increased yield achieved by SupraVecTM will enable viable expression of a larger number of products and reduce the cost of goods for Leaf’s clients.








Figure 1

Simon Saxby, CEO: “The launch of SupraVecTM, our new proprietary expression technology, is a significant milestone for Leaf and greatly enhances the options we can offer our clients for expression and scale-up manufacture of their biologics. SupraVecTM is the result of excellent work by the Leaf team, led by Dr Nick Holton and Dr Albor Dobon-Alonso, and I am delighted that their efforts have led to this impressive and valuable achievement.”

Nick Holton, Principal Scientist – R&D “We are striving to obtain the highest possible protein yields, and the development of the SupraVecTM technology greatly enhances the level of protein that we can obtain during plant transient expression. This technology is a significant leap forward and will improve protein yields and the economics of plant transient expression.”