Leaf Expression Systems Launch SupraVec® the Next Generation in Plant-Based Expression Technology


NORWICH, UK – 07 September 2021: Leaf Expression Systems (Leaf), a biotechnology company specialising in plant-based expression, today announced the launch of SupraVec®, Leaf’s new proprietary vector-based expression technology for the rapid production of proteins, vaccines and complex biomolecules within the leaf tissue of plants.

SupraVec® is a plant transient expression system designed with novel expression components to optimise yields. The expression technology delivers a three-fold improvement in the yield compared to Leaf’s previous pEAQ-HT system, also known as Hypertrans® (figure 1). The increased yield achieved by SupraVec® will enable viable expression of a larger number of products and reduce the cost of goods for Leaf’s clients.








Figure 1

Simon Saxby, CEO: “The launch of SupraVec®, our new proprietary expression technology, is a significant milestone for Leaf and greatly enhances the options we can offer our clients for expression and scale-up manufacture of their biologics. SupraVec® is the result of excellent work by the Leaf team, led by Dr Nick Holton and Dr Albor Dobon-Alonso, and I am delighted that their efforts have led to this impressive and valuable achievement.”

Nick Holton, Principal Scientist – R&D “We are striving to obtain the highest possible protein yields, and the development of the SupraVec® technology greatly enhances the level of protein that we can obtain during plant transient expression. This technology is a significant leap forward and will improve protein yields and the economics of plant transient expression.”