Our Grant-Funded Projects

'Building the product pipeline for commercial demonstration of Plant Molecular Factories' - Awarded June 2017

  • Awarded as part of a European consortium, led by St Georges Hospital, London

  • Focused on developing the plant-based product platform for future bio-pharmaceutical products

  • Work is expected to last for four years

  • Leaf Expression Systems is expecting to play a key role in working with Regulators to ensure that plant based products can be taken through to commercial realisation

‘Development of Virus-Like Particles as vaccines against emerging viral diseases’ - Awarded April 2017

  • 12 month project, concluded April 2018

  • Focused on the development of virus-like particles for vaccines against a challenging, high priority virus — Rift Valley Fever Virus

  • We produced a potential vaccine in a pre-clinical setting, at reduced cost. In addition, our production method allows for the rapid production of novel vaccine variants in response to pathogen evolution. Initial preclinical evaluation indicates the potential effectiveness of this vaccine against RVFV

‘A platform for the rapid production of candidate vaccines and standards by plant-based transient expression for response to global viral threats’ - Awarded December 2017

  • Joint project with the John Innes Centre, finishing Sept 2018, awarded by the UK Vaccine R&D Network (UKVRDN)

  • Focused on enabling the development of generic production and isolation techniques for the rapid delivery of Virus Like Particles against existing and emerging threats such as Dengue virus and Zika virus

  • We are responsible for the scale-up of suitable candidates that can then be evaluated to test for efficacy and taken forward for further clinical evaluation, ultimately leading to commercialisation