At Leaf, we work with our partners to help progress their research and product development into producing robust crops that can not only survive, but also flourish in a changing and challenging climate, where drought and hunger have become commonplace.

We are committed to enabling our partners achieve their goals when it comes to finding answers on how to tackle feeding a growing global population. We can help facilitate their research on disease resistance, drought tolerance, pest control and growth characteristics within crops.

What we offer


  • Production of recombinant proteins for structural and functional studies to understand fundamental plant biology support the development of novel crop protection agents

Plant Services

  • Plant engineering, gene overexpression (qPCR, RNA-seq, northern) stable and transient transformation studies
  • Plant and cell suspension transformation (especially Solanaceous species)
  • High throughput screening in plant tissues using transient expression or cell-based assays (bespoke design of screening)
  • Plant-based gene overexpression, transformation, and knock-out (Virus induced gene silencing (VIGS))
  • Plant-based interaction studies (Co-IP) and interactor discovery (MS-Co-IP)
  • Cloning genes from plant DNA or RNA and vector construction

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Fuelling our understanding of how proteins involved in plant disease resistance work at the mechanistic level, and how we can engineer them for enhanced use in agriculture, requires purified material with excellent yield for further studies