Sustainable and cruelty free food production has become a major focus worldwide for consumers and food producers. The food industry has seen big brands, scientists and entrepreneurs rise to the challenge of tackling how to feed a growing population in an ever-changing climate. Cultivated animal protein products are fast becoming a reality and are a viable tool in reducing emissions, producing more sustainable and cruelty free food.

At Leaf we can produce cruelty free Growth Factors, which are an essential ingredient for the alternative protein production.

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What we offer

Cellular Agriculture

  • Development of affordable and sustainable systems for the expression of cytokines and growth factors for cellular agriculture

Food ingredients

  • Cell-based production of plant-derived flavourings and colourings

Alternative Proteins

  • Plant-based transient recombinant protein expression and purification for optimisation of alternative protein production
  • Creation of novel plant lines for overexpression and production of key dietary proteins

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Over the next few decades, cultivated meat and other alternative proteins are predicted to take significant market share from the $1.7 trillion conventional meat and seafood industry. This shift will mitigate agriculture-related deforestation, biodiversity loss, antibiotic resistance, zoonotic disease outbreaks, and industrialized animal slaughter.