Life Sciences

Human and Animal Health

At Leaf we use our SupraVec® technology to enable our partners in the development of therapeutic drugs, diagnostics and vaccines.

SupraVec enables us to lower costs making drugs more affordable and more widely available to a global population. The rapid production speed of SupraVec can deliver products to market much faster, subsequently reducing the time it takes to get new drugs to patients more affordably.

What we offer

  • Biophysical/Biochemical assays and QC of purified proteins


  • Plant-based expression and downstream process development of therapeutic protein and vaccine candidates
  • Development of scalable and sustainable systems for the overproduction of natural products for drug development


  • Production of recombinant antigen proteins and monoclonal antibodies for diagnostic assay development


  • Production of recombinant proteins for structural and functional studies to support pharmaceutical development and basic research applications

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Plant vs. Mammalian in Assay

  • Plant-produced MAb tested side-byside with traditional Hybridoma-produced MAb
  • Differences is glycosylation pattern have no discernable impact on MAb activity within the diagnostic assay
  • 3 batches compared, with increasing levels of purification - all behaved identically
  • The customer stated that they could not distinguish between our plant-produced MAb and their gold standard reference Hybridoma-produced MAb

As far as we can tell there is no difference between LES MAb and hybridoma-produced MAb. Well done Leaf Expression Systems
Customer Quote (diagnostics)