Simon Saxby
Simon has over thirty years of global international experience in life sciences, including his recent roles as CEO of Stratophase Ltd and Project Director for the design and build of the UK Government’s Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult commercial scale GMP Manufacturing Centre in Stevenage. He is a course mentor for the Cambridge University MBE programme and has also served as a Visiting Lecturer in Industrial Biotechnology at Vienna Medical and Technical University, and as a Course Student Advisor at The Boston University School of Management, USA.
Nicolas Holton
Nick graduated from the University of Otago with a PhD in Biochemistry. He has extensive postdoctoral experience working on the biochemistry and function of plant membrane receptors and has also worked for many years with Agrobacterium and Nicotiana species.
Ross Overman
Ross graduated from the University of York with a degree in biochemistry and holds a PhD in Biomolecular Science from the University of Manchester where he gained his passion for protein engineering. Prior to joining Leaf Expression Systems, Ross worked for 16 years in the pharmaceutical industry as a molecular biologist, protein biochemist and project manager, supporting early phase discovery projects across many different therapeutic areas. During his time in large pharma, Ross gained experience working with recombinant protein production from different expression systems (insect cells, HEK293, E. coli) and used a range of protein purification technologies to generate reagents for biochemical and biophysical assays, structural biology and antibody development. At Leaf, Ross leads the downstream processing and quality control activities. He is involved with planning and coordinating new projects, working closely with clients and collaborators to produce reagents for diagnostic applications, research activities and novel therapeutics.
Leanne Williams PhD

Leanne graduated from the University of the West of England with a degree in biochemistry and molecular biology and holds a PhD in plant biology from Imperial College London. Leanne has over 10 years’ experience working in the life sciences sector in both commercial and academic settings. Prior to working at Leaf, Leanne worked as a product manager in the biotech sector and a post-doctoral research fellow. Leanne’s research interests include protein-protein interactions and post-translational modifications controlling both development and pathogen resistance in plants. She has extensive experience in plant protein expression and purification from her time in academia. From a commercial aspect, Leanne has experience of managing a large commercial portfolio and identifying new and emerging key products to bring value to a portfolio. Throughout her career Leanne has developed a passion for the novel use of plants as bioreactors for producing biologics. At Leaf, Leanne is responsible for the development of new business partnerships and is involved in managing client relationships and projects.

Polly Ferris
Peter Garrod