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We believe that plant-based bioactive molecules can help deliver an alternative future for our partners by offering faster, cheaper and more ethically conscious products. Using our extensive knowledge of plants’ cellular functions, we combine nature and biotechnology to accelerate our research and development into bioactive molecules that can be used within human and animal health, food, agribiotech and consumer products.

Our portfolio demonstrates the versatility of our SupraVec® technology and the variety of the types of products we can offer our partners across many different industries. The adaptability of the SupraVec platform gives us the ability to produce both simple signalling proteins such as mammalian cytokines and growth factors for use in cellular agriculture, as well as complex virus-like particle and antibody-based biologics for diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

SupraVec allows us to rapidly screen new product ideas within our plant-based expression platform and work with our partners to assess their suitability for development at the appropriate scale for commercial production. Please get in touch to find out more about how we can accelerate your project from concept to product in a matter of weeks and work with you to develop the scale-up and commercialisation strategy to meet your specific requirements.

Our inhouse R&D exemplifies flexibility of the SupraVec platform. Not only can we work with single genes to produce a bioactive protein that is difficult to express using alternative expression systems, but also entire biosynthetic pathways to harness the power of plant-biochemistry produce complex natural products where traditional synthetic routes have failed.
Dr Ross Overman

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